15 Mindblowing Facts Every Cat Owner Should Know

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Cats are one of the most well-known pets throughout the world and for good reason. They’re affectionate, adorable, and a joy to live with. If you’re a cat owner, it’s important to take the time to get to know your cat’s personality and needs, so here are 15 mindblowing facts every cat owner should know.

cat on couch looking shocked

Is It Bad to Hiss Back at Your Cat?

You shouldn’t hiss back at your cat because hissing is a way of telling them to back off and whenever cats feel threatened, they would normally begin to hiss and arch their back, so before you hiss at your cat, it’s important that you understand what your cat is saying when they hiss at you.

A cat will hiss because something in the environment is frightening them or that you are doing something that they don’t like.

What Does Hissing Mean For Cats?

Hissing is a natural response mostly displayed by cats and snakes in defense or attack mode.

Is it Cruel to Keep Cats Outside?

It is not safe to leave an indoor cat outside without supervision especially in heavily populated areas since they’re exposed to dog attacks, car accidents, or being captured by the animal pound if they don’t have a name tag.

Do Outdoor Cats Get Lonely?

Cats are social animals which means that they’ll not be truly happy if they spend a lot of time alone. Cats who live exclusively outdoors will feel lonely because they crave the attention of their owners and the companionship of other felines.

Since cats are social creatures that crave attention. An easy way to know if a cat outside of the house is lonely is to watch their reaction when you get home.

Do Feral Cats Get Lonely?

Feral cats are less likely to get lonely than your average feline pets because they are the offspring of abandoned and lost pets, or stray cats who were never captured or adopted and the only time they can get lonely is when they miss their brothers or sisters from the litter they were born into.

What Does it Mean When Your Cat Swats at You?

Cats use a variety of body language to communicate. When your cat swats at you, it’s a sign of trust and an act of affection, however, if your cat swats at you while you’re petting him, he may not like the way you are doing it.

What Does it Mean When Your Cat Swishes its Tail?

A common feline behavior is the swishing of the tail, which is a form of communication usually reserved for interactions with other cats.

Cats who are happy and comfortable tend to swish their tails to express that comfort and happiness (usually with a quivering motion), while cats who are irritated or distressed may swish their tails around in a back and forth motion which usually signifies agitation.

Why Do Cats Clean Themselves While Laying on You?

Cats clean themselves while lying on you because they want you to help them groom the areas that they can’t reach. It could also be that they want to feel safe and comfortable while they begin their grooming sessions.

How Often Should a Cat Get Groomed?

Cat breeds are divided into shorthaired and longhaired. Shorthaired cats like the Russian Blue, Bengal, or Siamese only need to be groomed once or twice a week.

Longhaired cats like the Birman, Ragdoll or the Doll-Faced Persian with their long silky fur require daily grooming to keep their coats free of tangles and knots.

Does Your Cat Know It’s Your Hand Under The Blanket?

Cats don’t know that it’s your hand under the blanket because they are known to pounce and attack any unsuspecting movements they see since they’re curious creatures and are always trying to catch their prey before it disappears, whether it be a mouse or bug.

Do Cats Get Bored in Apartments?

Cats living in apartments will get bored unless the cat owner is there to engage their feline friend in stimulating activities by using a laser pointer or a string on a stick to keep them active and occupied.

If a cat owner is not there, cats won’t be able to keep their minds and bodies sharp through stimulating exercises. This is why cats that are confined to a small area will have more health problems than cats that run around frequently.

Do Cats Like Being Locked in a Room?

Cats don’t like being locked in a room since they love to roam freely, but we often limit their range to prevent them from getting into trouble.

Unfortunately, since cats hate being confined to small areas, it can be stressful for them, and they may react by meowing loudly, biting, and scratching.

Of course, there are times when we need to confine our cats, but we should make sure they have an appropriate place to relax.

For example, we can provide a scratching post, cat tower, or crate for our cats to hang out in. This way, we can give them the opportunity to stay active and have fun, while keeping them safe and happy.

Why Does Your Cat Headbutt Then Bite You?

Cats will headbutt you because it’s a way for them to show their friendliness but they’ll use headbutting as a prelude to biting when you don’t reciprocate with a positive reaction since the truth is that cats need love, and social interaction on their terms, and when they don’t get the attention they want, they’ll proceed with the headbutt-bite sequence to get it from their owners.

Why Does Your Cat Sleep Outside Your Door?

If your cat is sleeping outside your door, it’s not because they’re trying to be cute but simply because they want to feel safe and protected and most felines do this by resting at the foot of their owner’s bed so if your bedroom door is closed, they’ll just cuddle outside until they see you again.

It’s important that you’re extremely careful when opening the door since you don’t want to accidentally injure your feline friend.

Why Does Your Cat Not Like Boxes?

If your cat doesn’t like boxes, it’s because they previously had a traumatic experience with one where they were trapped and felt that their life was threatened so whenever they see it, they tend to stay away.

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