Do Cats Like Their Tails Touched?

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Cats are very fun and unique creatures that many people around the world love. You can find people watching videos and looking at pictures of cats almost anywhere whether they are cat owners or not. It is easy for many to see that, despite what some think, there is more to these animals than being aloof and uncaring.

Each and every cat has their own individual personality that makes them unique. They like different foods, toys, snacks, people, places to sleep, and many other things; the list can go on and on! One thing that cats have different feelings about is whether or not they like their tails touched.

Cats like having their tails touched by their owners because it is a sensitive area that will tickle when they do so.

Let’s look into the reasons why a cat might or might not like its tail touched.

Why a cat will like the base its tail touched?

When you play with your cat’s tail, it will often flick back and forth, in an attempt to stop you. This is called “feline ‘reflex withdrawal'”, and it is an instinctive reaction that is readily learned by kittens in their first few days of life.  

Sometimes cats will even “play rough” with their owners, in an attempt to stop them from playing with their tails.

Additionally, it feels good! Your cat’s back and its tail are both hard-to-reach spots! When a cat has an itch in this area, they are unlikely to be able to get relief on their own and you would most likely find them rolling around on concrete to scratch the itch.

Plus, because it’s hard to get to the area, your cat might have difficulty cleaning it. Any spot that your cat isn’t able to keep clean easily is going to itch and bother them more often than the rest of their body.

This is because of all the dead skin cells, loose fur, litter, dirt, and dust that have built up in their fur.

When you touch your cat’s tail, you just might be disrupting and moving all that built-up gunk around, making your cat feel better. It’s almost like when you have an itch on your back that you can’t reach.

If you are wondering if your cat is one that likes its tail touched, there is a simple way to tell. Just touch your cat’s tail!

If your cat likes it when you touch its tail it won’t yank its tail away from you. Some cats might even purr when their owners touch their tails or arch their backs.

No matter what, it is important to keep in mind what your cat actually enjoys when it comes to receiving affection and love from you.

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Why a cat might not like its tail touched?

A cat might not like its tail touched because it is part of its spine, making it a very sensitive spot. That being said, cats can become frightened when they feel something touching their tail. 

Cats can also become overstimulated when being touched on their tails because of how sensitive it is. When this happens, cats are likely to run away so they can calm down in peace.

A tail is a very important part of a cat because it helps them stay balanced. This could be another reason cats might not like their tails being touched; as touching a cat’s tail could potentially throw it off balance.

Another reason cats might not like their tail touched is because of an injury. If a cat has an injury on their tail, near their tail, or on another part of their spine, they are not going to like the feeling of being touched on their tail. Knowing this, it is very important to keep an eye on your cat for injuries on or near the tail.

How can you tell if a cat doesn’t like its tail touched?

Like you already read, every cat is going to be different than the rest. This being said, not every cat is going to like it when the base of their tail is being scratched. There are a few different ways to know that your cat is one that doesn’t like its tail touched.

If your cat pulls away from you while you do this, it probably means that your cat doesn’t enjoy its tail being touched. And if you continue to try and touch your feline’s tail, they can get irritated pretty quickly.

You see, cats don’t like being forced to do something or being in a situation they can’t control. If a cat feels like someone won’t stop doing something they don’t like, they are probably going to start biting and scratching to get away.

If this happens, don’t be mad at your cat. Most of the time cats will give plenty of signs that they are not happy with what is happening. Just be sure to pay attention to your cat’s body language!

If your cat used to like or not mind when you touched its tail and suddenly it won’t let you, you might want to make a vet appointment as there could be an underlying health issue causing this.

To check for any potential health problems, start off by doing a thorough look at your cat’s fur and skin. There could be a skin condition causing your cat to feel uncomfortable when you touch its tail.

If you don’t see any signs of a skin condition, check for lumps and bumps around the area. If you find something, be sure to call your vet to schedule a checkup to be done on your cat.

The last thing any cat owner would want is to have health problems that aren’t treated, making the problems worse over time.

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