Do Chipmunks Eat Strawberries? Answered! (2022 Updated)

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

Chipmunks are adorable but can be terrible pests for farmers and amateur gardeners. I learned this from my neighbor whose strawberry plants were destroyed by a chipmunk attack.

I knew that chipmunks are opportunistic feeders, and if they find suitable food, they will eat it. So, to help my neighbor, I gathered some information about chipmunks’ eating habits regarding strawberries but first, do chipmunks eat strawberries?

Yes, chipmunks do eat strawberries because the fruit isn’t toxic to them and is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants. However, they’re not only attracted to the fruit’s sweet taste but will also eat the leaves of the plant, especially in the absence of fruits.

Additionally, the water content of strawberries makes them an excellent thirst quencher for chipmunks.

Do chipmunks love to eat strawberries?

The simple answer to this question is yes! Irrespective of whether you have a pet chipmunk or whether these creatures are living in the wild, strawberries are one of the favorite fruit of chipmunks.

You will find that strawberries often grow in the wild in woods and forests.

Chipmunks, with their strong sense of smell, can quickly identify the location of ripe strawberries in the bushes. They will then eat these fruits with absolute joy.

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Can chipmunks eat unripe strawberries?

Unripe strawberries have a tart and bitter taste. Therefore, chipmunks avoid consuming unripe strawberries on the plant.

On the other hand, ripe strawberries are sweet and juicy. Hence, if you give your pet chipmunk a ripe and unripe strawberry, you will find that it will reject the unripe one.

Can you give strawberries to a baby chipmunk?

If you have rescued a baby chipmunk and are planning on keeping it as a pet, you should consult with a local veterinarian to understand the food you can give it.

Secondly, if the veterinarian allows you to give it strawberries, you must mash and strain the fruit before you give it.

Strawberries have tiny seeds that need to be removed before you can give them to a baby chipmunk; otherwise, it can result in choking.

Therefore, it is best first to mash the fruit and strain it to remove the seeds before giving it.

Can you feed wild chipmunks strawberries?

To attract chipmunks to your garden, you can use strawberries as bait. However, using the fruit as bait is not advisable because it does not fall under the standard food items that a chipmunk would consume in the wild.

Chipmunks usually eat seeds, nuts, or insects.

If you give strawberries to the rodents, they will get used to it and keep coming back. This can become a problem, and you might have a pest situation on hand.

Do chipmunks eat strawberries at night?

Chipmunks are not nocturnal, and they do not leave their burrows at night. So, if you find your strawberry patch is damaged at night, it is not because of chipmunks.

Chipmunks will attack your strawberry patch during the day, and you can find them nibbling on the fruits.

Can you give strawberries to your pet chipmunk?

According to the website, Healthline, strawberries are rich in minerals like manganese and potassium, which are necessary to help a chipmunk maintain blood pressure and fluid balance in its body.

Similarly, the vitamin B6 and folate in the strawberries can help in cell development and ensure the proper functioning of all the muscles in the body of a chipmunk.

Hence, if you have a pet chipmunk, you can include strawberries as a part of its diet.

Why is it essential to control the number of strawberries you give your pet chipmunk?

Strawberries can indeed be relatively healthy for your pet chipmunk. But remember, a chipmunk is a fast-moving creature when it lives in the wild.

However, as a pet, its movement is restricted, so you must be careful about how many calories it consumes daily.

An excessive amount of strawberries can increase the calories and may result in your chipmunk becoming sluggish and overweight.

Hence, it is necessary to control the number of strawberries you give your pet chipmunk.

Is there any simple way to keep chipmunks away from your strawberry patches?

There are some simple ways to keep chipmunks away from your strawberry patches.

If you are growing the plants in certain parts of the garden, you can fence off these areas to keep the chipmunks from reaching the plants.

However, chipmunks can also tunnel underground to reach the strawberry shrubs but they only burrow 2-3 feet deep.

Hence, it is necessary to fence the ground around 4-5 feet deep to protect your strawberry patches from chipmunks.

Can chipmunks prove to be dangerous pests for strawberry farmers?

Yes, chipmunks can be dangerous pests for strawberry farmers as well as amateur gardeners who have strawberry patches in their gardens.

First, these creatures will indiscriminately enter the patch or strawberry field and destroy the plants.

Then, they can destroy the shrub and the leaves to find the ripe fruits. This can reduce the harvest significantly and destroy the plants in the fields.

How do farmers keep chipmunks away from their strawberry fields?

Farmers often spray pesticides on the base of the strawberry plants to keep chipmunks away.

In addition, you can spray oil-based or organic pesticides that have a pungent odor to keep chipmunks away.

Interested in learning more about what animals eat strawberries? Check out that article for more information.

Do chipmunks eat the leaves of strawberry plants?

Chipmunks forage for food, and they will eat anything that they consider edible. Strawberry plants are essentially shrubs and are always within reach of chipmunks. Although they are partial to fruits, rodents can also eat the plant’s leaves.

Chipmunks will eat the strawberry leaves only if there are no fruits to satiate their hunger.

Moreover, the creatures are also known to destroy the plants’ leaves aggressively. Hence, even if they don’t eat the leaves, if a chipmunk attacks your strawberry patch, you can be assured that it will also chew the leaves of the plant.

Is it true that chipmunks eat strawberries if they feel thirsty?

Strawberries are pretty juicy fruit. Indeed, the lack of a suitable water source can also force chipmunks to eat strawberries.

You will find that the creatures are drawn to the juiciest of fruits as these have the highest water content.

Strawberries have high water content, and these are capable of satisfying the thirst of chipmunks. Hence, they are known to consume strawberries when they feel thirsty.

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