Can Peacocks Eat Oranges? (Answered)

Last updated on October 30th, 2022

I did not know that peafowls are omnivores! I do not know why I always thought they eat only insects.

We are used to seeing peacocks peck the ground like hens in search of food. But, a recent discussion with an Ornithologist made me realize that peacocks are opportunistic omnivores who can eat fruits, insects, and snakes but can peacocks eat oranges?

Orange is palatable for peacocks and can be an excellent source of energy, however, even though it promotes healthy digestion, it should be fed to them in moderation to prevent any health issues from arising. In addition, you should remove the orange seeds so the bird won’t choke on them.

As a starting disclosure: this article is mainly for educational purposes. If you see your peacock acting funny in any way, get them to a vet for a check-up ASAP. We want to help you keep your little feathered babies nice and healthy.

Can you give oranges to peacocks?

As peacocks are opportunistic ground feeders, you can give the bird different types of fruits. Oranges are rich in fiber, vitamins, and calcium.

If you want the peafowl or peacock bred in captivity to have a robust immune system, you can include oranges as a part of its diet.

But it is essential to control the number of oranges you give to a peacock bred in captivity.

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Is it safe for peacocks to eat oranges?

The fleshy pulp of oranges is safe for peacocks to eat but only in limited quantities whereas the orange peel can be toxic and should be kept far out of reach for these birds.

You can feed peacocks oranges if you remove the skin and the seeds as well so that there is no chance that the bird will choke.

Can peacocks eat orange peels?

Orange peels should not be given to peacocks because it has a high concentration of oils and can cause digestive issues for the ground feeder.

Additionally, orange peels taste bitter, and the fibrous inside of an orange peel can be dangerous for peacocks. 

Can baby peacocks or peachicks have oranges?

You should avoid giving oranges and other citrus fruits to baby peacocks because the acidity levels in these citrus fruits can be harmful to them.

In addition, you should monitor the food given to peachicks bred in captivity.

Giving the peachicks bird seeds that are approved by a veterinarian will ensure that the peachicks do not suffer digestive distress.

Can peacocks have orange juice?

Peacocks shouldn’t drink orange juice because it’s high in sugar. Like other birds, peacocks only need to drink water. 

The commercially available orange juice contains high sugar content and chemicals that can harm the birds.

Hence, you should avoid giving orange juice to peacocks.

If you want to give juice, you should offer the bird freshly squeezed orange juice. You should also ensure that the juice is only extracted from organic oranges.

Are there some particular points to remember while giving oranges to peacocks?

You can feed oranges to peacocks if the skin is removed, and it’s also a good idea to remove the seeds so the bird does not choke.

Finally, you should also ensure that the oranges are entirely organic.

Most commercially available oranges have pesticides or insecticides that can be toxic.

Hence, it would help to be careful before giving oranges to a peacock.  

Can peacocks become ill by consuming too many oranges?

Yes, consuming oranges in excess can cause digestive distress to peacocks. This is because they are high in vitamin C and have sugar.

If a peacock consumes too many oranges, it can fall ill.

You will find that a peacock can become lethargic and suffer from severe digestive problems after too many consuming oranges.

What are the best fruits to give peacocks?

According to the website A-Z Animals, peacocks that live in the wild have an exciting diet consisting of insects, seeds, and the occasional fruit or vegetable.

But when the bird is bred in captivity, you can give it a combination of various fruits and vegetables.

For example, peacocks love to eat different berries, and you can easily include strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries in a regular diet.

You can also include citrus fruits like oranges but in a limited amount.

What is the favorite food of a peacock?

In the wild, peacocks are not picky about the food they eat. Instead, they will eat insects, grubs, mealworms, spiders, and crickets.

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