Here’s Why Cats Like Silk?

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Cats are creatures that are loved by people around the world, and many of these people can’t help but bring one or more of these felines into their homes. However, there are some challenges that come with bringing a cat into your home.

Just like with any pet, cat owners are expected to pay for food, water, treats, vet appointments, medication, toys, and sometimes even more!

This can be pretty stressful sometimes and can be a financial burden. Another challenge that many people come into when they own a cat is all the fur that comes off these little guys!

Cats can shed like crazy, especially if they have long fur. And all of that loose fur floating around the house can become a problem if you’re running late and forgot to make sure that none of it has clung to your clothes.

What’s worse is when you share your bed with your cat and their hair ends up in your sheets! This is to be expected with many different kinds of pets that people bring into their homes, but cats also pose a unique challenge to their owners that many other pets don’t, and it’s because of their claws.

While cats are adorable fun-loving little balls of fluff, they have claws that can cause a lot of problems for cat owners. From cats scratching at your furniture to accidentally snagging their claws on your clothes or sheets.

Because of these challenges, many cat owners look to various materials and fabrics in search of something that won’t attract cat hair and might even deter their cat from scratching. One material that cat owners tend to turn to is silk.

Cats are attracted to silk because they think it looks like their mother’s fur. They also enjoy the softness of the fabric since it feels smooth against their fur while providing them with the relaxation they need for a good rest.

Does silk attract cat hair?

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Along with needing nice furniture around the house, cat owners also need to own nice clothes that don’t attract cat hair.

This isn’t always an easy thing, and using the lint roller is an easy step to forget when you’re rushing out the door.

Many clothing fabrics like cotton, corduroy, velvet, wool, and polyester are going to attract cat hair like bees to honey. But what about silk?

Silk is one material that is very tightly woven together and doesn’t take on static. Because silk isn’t staticky, it repels cat hair, making it one of the best clothing materials for cat owners!

But be careful, because as you’re about to learn, it does have some downsides.

Do cats like to scratch silk?

When determining whether or not a cat likes to do something, it is important to remember that each animal has its own personality. With this comes individual likes and dislikes.

All of this to say, every cat is going to be different, meaning that whether or not a cat likes to scratch silk material depends on the individual. However, it isn’t surprising to see kitty claw marks in things made out of silk.

You see, silk is an incredibly delicate material, meaning that it catches and snags very easily. It can even happen by accident.

One moment your cat could be snuggling up on your silk sheets and the next his claw is ripping a hole right through them just because he was stretching.

This being said, it is best to avoid silk on furniture in areas that your cat is going to frequently visit.

Plus, every cat owner knows that once there is a loose piece of string or thread, cats are going to have at it and scratch to their heart’s content.

What do you do if your cat starts scratching your silk belongings?

While silk isn’t necessarily a material that a lot of home furnishings are made out of, it is one that cats may start scratching at, especially if it has already been snagged.

There are also plenty of other things that cats like to scratch at frequently, including carpet, couches, chairs, and even more!

But what are you to do if your cat has started scratching at your belongings and won’t stop?

The first step when trying to stop your cat from scratching at your belongings is to assess your house. Is your house the perfect environment for your kitty? Are you providing enough enrichment for your cat?

These questions are very important to consider and the answers are fairly simple to determine. You see, cats need to be mentally and physically stimulated to keep themselves from becoming bored.

When a cat is bored, it might start exhibiting undesirable and destructive behaviors such as tearing up your belongings or clawing at them. But how do you make sure that you are keeping your cat entertained?

Well, for starters, you will want to make sure that your cat has plenty of space. If your cat is locked in a single small room every day it will likely become bored and try to get out despite how many toys you give it.

And speaking of toys, you should make sure that you have tons of toys for your cat to play with. From yarn mice to balls that jingle, toys are the perfect way to keep your feline friend pleased.

Another thing you can do to keep your cat from scratching at your stuff is to provide items that they are allowed to scratch at.

Things like scratching posts, cardboard boxes, and cat towers are all perfect options for cats! These items are very easy to scratch at, and can even be satisfying for a cat when it does scratch at them!

And there’s a bonus to cat towers too: they allow your cat to jump up and down and run around on it so they are entertained.

If your cat continues to scratch at your belongings you could try covering up the specific areas with plastic covers as these typically deter cats from scratching.

You might also want to make a vet appointment for your cat if they are consistently scratching at your belongings. There could be something wrong with its health that is causing them to act out.

Finally, it is important to remember to never declaw your cat. This is incredibly painful for them and can cause even more problems in the future.

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