Do Cats Like Being Spanked? [The Simple Truth]

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Petting a cat’s tail has been a favorite pastime of cat owners for centuries. For some reason, cats seem to like it when their owners run their hands down their backs and pat their butts, but do they like being spanked?

Cats don’t like being spanked because it brings about pain in the bum and hind leg area, however, cats like it when you pat them lightly on the bum because the butt is the only place where most cats feel affection. Cats have a number of muscles in their butt and hind legs so when you pat or stroke them in these areas, they can experience a massage-like sensation that elicits pleasure and pain relief.

In addition to the back of their legs, cats also love being patted on their bellies and even their tails.

All of these areas are connected to the limbic system, which controls the part of the nervous system that is responsible for emotions. This is why when you pat your cat, they appear to be so relaxed.

In other words, a gentle pat may be fine, but reckless playing or spanking is never justified.

black and white cat about to be spanked

Do Cats Really Like Getting Spanked?

Well, YouTube may have shown you a ton of videos on how a cat is enjoying being spanked hard on the bum! But do you know that your four-legged feline friend may even get hurt at times?

Those videos may give you the false impression that cats love it when people or even their owners are spanking their bums!

They may seem happy, but just imagine the pain a human hand can inflict on a tiny little cat being spammed hard on her delicate portions.

It’s not at all funny, right? You are almost 15-20 times bigger and stronger than your kitten.

Don’t you think that spanking can actually harm her and cause serious injuries? So, now that you know that everything you see on the internet is not true, let’s discuss whether you should spank your kitten.

What those videos don’t show you is cats are good at hiding their pain. They won’t show you that they are suffering.

The reason they hide their pain is to show their predators that they aren’t weak.

This may be the reason why they hide their discomfort or distress when people spank them hard.

Would you like your beloved pet to be afraid to approach you?

Another reason your cat may not fight back is that they know it may cause them more harm than good.

They knew that there’s no point fighting a person who is physically dominant to them.

Cats are said to have a high threshold for pain. So, even though some of them may seem happy during spankings, such actions may cause internal injuries you may not even be aware of.

The worst part is nothing can cover up this pain caused to these delicate feline animals and cats too, have feelings and emotions.

Therefore, no, they don’t like ill-treatments or rough attitudes.

So, it’s better not to indulge in harsh activities like slapping, spanking, twisting, banging, etc., thinking that cats would “like it”!

Restrain yourself from testing whether your cat is strong enough to tolerate pain or whether they would like it.

Such attempts may end up causing severe health issues to them while ruining their mental peace.

In adverse situations, cats may even lose faith in people and stay entirely shunned from the external world. Yes, cats suffer from depression too!

Instead, maintain a more healthy relationship with your feline friend and treat him/her with respect. They will appreciate your gentle and friendly behavior as well as being respectful towards you.

Find a safer way to interact with your pet, and ensure that they’re not afraid of you and the people they love and trust.

Do Cats Like Soft Spankings?

As long as you are not hurting your pet, kitties love getting attention.

I have often given a friendly spank to my cat towards her butt and the base of her tail. And to my surprise, she loves that!

This may be a peculiar cat behavior that pet owners experience, but some say that adult cats enjoy getting light spanks on the butt as well, probably due to their sexual maturity.

I think they like to get a bit overstimulated after they hit puberty. Probably this petting reminds them of finding a mate when they are sexually receptive.

Other experts studying feline behavior believe that cats like being spanked on the base of the tail because it often gets itchy or irritated due to lack of grooming of the skin there.

Did you know that cats groom each other because they can’t reach certain body areas themselves?

So, they help each other to get rid of itchy areas, like the base of the tail, head, and neck regions.

They expect the same from their owners too and often get irritated if they don’t help them frequently.

While spanking means a little hand pressure is being applied, it should never be hard enough to bring about an internal injury.

You may also try petting your kitten on the back, belly, chest, or neck area, as some cats like that.

Is it Spanking Morally Bad?

I will share my experience with you. My kitten is a little over 9 months old.

Every time I give a light spank or tap on the lower portion of her tail and a little above in the spine, she would roll cuddly under the sofa or her comfy little bed.

To my surprise, she would come back for more after some time!

Some cats may not like this, but there are many out there who are weird to this extent!

However, my kitty won’t like it more than a few seconds at a time. And after, say, 10 seconds, she would start acting weird again with a “Meowwww!”, as if to say, “that’s enough for now!”

I began to limit these spankings ever since my vet said it might be a sexual thing.

It’s a pity how she begs for it at times! And just because your cat loves it, you should not do it every time.

He or she may grow a bad habit or turn into a smack addict because it may be a type of fetish they like to enjoy!

Actually, older male cats are generally the ones who love light spankings more than females.

In fact, it depends on the nature of the feline. While some are outgoing, others may be shy, and hence, hate the idea of getting light spankings.

My cat likes it when I give her relaxing massages, generally 1-2 times a day. And trust me, I have never seen her that happy when I give her a good massage in between her paws and feet!

I had never known about this peculiar attitude of feline creatures before and that was until I went to a friend’s house one day!

I saw her give these kinds of kinky spanks and massages to her pet kitten in the lower portions of his straight tail.

I was surprised to see how he loved it and wanted more of it.

So, I decided to try it on my Tutu as well! And she liked it too!

However, I would not suggest any kind of sadomasochist activities or hard spankings.

Therefore, as long as you are not deliberately inflicting pain by harsh pattings or spamming, it’s not morally wrong.

Because at the end of the day, your feline companion is probably going to love it! And don’t think of it as animal cruelty unless it’s causing him/her pain.

However, this is a delicate issue, especially because vets say it’s a sexual fetish that cats love.

Whenever in doubt, you can stick to simple tickles and strokes instead.

But let’s consider it from the point of view of your pet. I mean, if your kitty is in love with these spankings (which are not harsh), I don’t think your little pet should be deprived of such happiness.

Pets sometimes have such weird behavior and demands, but there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s all a part of them growing up while having behavioral or hormonal changes. It’s also not morally wrong to help them and make them feel ecstatic.

Of course, I am not advocating abuse of any form; I am rather strictly against it.

Further, I would advise you to watch out for behavioral patterns of your cat in particular. If he or she likes having massages or butt spankings in some way, go ahead and give it a try.

Do Cats Like Being Tickled?

Cats and dogs do have peculiar ways of getting pleasure from their owners, such as tickling their armpit, chin, chest, etc.

Cats like being tickled under their chest, armpit, and chin because these areas have sensitive receptors for pleasure that they love to have stimulated.

Well, my kitty just loves the way I give her calming massages and light spankings.

Although I decided to limit such activities, I found that she grew more demanding and even irritated at times when I refused to “please” her!

So, I wanted to keep things mild! But now, things have grown so serious that Tutu simply jumps on my lap or stands in front of me with her bum sticking out as if to say, “Spank me!”

It’s quite weird, but now it has grown into a rather bad habit! And I can’t help but fulfill her demands!

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