Cats Like Their Paws Massaged. Here’s Why

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Cat owners around the world love to spoil and treat their cats with as much love as they possibly can. From buying the best toys and treats on the market to giving them the greatest snuggles in the world.

What many people like to do is show their cat affection in the same way they would like to receive affection. Sometimes this means people want to give their cats foot massages, or rather, paw massages. But do cats actually like having their paws massaged?

Some cats like having their paws massaged only by people they approve of because these are very fragile and vulnerable areas for them.

Do cats like paw massages?

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When people want to do something for their cat, they will often wonder if their cat will like it. This is especially true when it comes to affection, like a paw massage.

But trying to determine if cats like their paws massaged is not as easy as looking at the whole species of domesticated house cats.

You have to remember that each animal is an individual, and has its own dislikes, likes, and personality.

One cat may like something a lot, while another one in the same house might hate it. This is also true for whether or not a cat likes its paws massaged.

If you are wondering whether or not your cat is one that likes to have its paws massaged, try touching its feet gently.

Don’t jump right into the massage, though. Be sure to take it slow. If your cat pulls its paws away, you are left with a good indication that it probably doesn’t want you to touch its paws anymore, let alone massage them.

If your cat lets you touch its feet gently without pulling away, you can try to gently rub or pet the top part that is covered with fur.

But don’t assume that this means your cat will like a paw massage. You will want to continue with gentle and occasional petting. This will allow your cat to get used to the feeling of your hands on its paws.

Once your cat seems comfortable with you touching the tops of its paws, you can start attempting to touch the pads of your cat’s paws.

The pads are on the bottom of your cat’s feet- the squishy-looking things that people on the internet commonly refer to as “toe beans”.

If your cat tolerates you touching his toe beans, feel free to occasionally pet, touch, or rub them while you are giving your cat affection.

This will slowly warm your cat up to you touching its paws in places that aren’t normally touched.

Once your cat is completely comfortable with you touching its paws, you can start trying to give it a paw massage.

Are there benefits to giving your cat a paw massage?

If you are one of the lucky person that has a cat willing to let you touch its paws, you are probably going to occasionally give your feline friend a paw massage.

Having the ability to do this whenever you and your cat are snuggling together might have you wondering if there are any benefits to being able to give your cat a paw massage.

Surprisingly, there are a few!

The first and most obvious benefit to being able to give your cat paw massages is that over time your cat will become more comfortable with you handling their feet.

The more comfortable your cat gets with you touching and rubbing their paws, the better.

Why is that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Cats need to have their nails trimmed regularly. This can be a major source of stress and anxiety for cats, but desensitization can help.

The more you give your cat paw massages, the less it will associate you touching their paws with an experience that scares them.

Another benefit to giving your cat paw massages is being able to check for health problems or concerns before they get serious.

Things you can look out for while treating your furry feline to a relaxing rub can include cuts, scrapes, abscesses, lumps, and split nails.

All of these injuries can become incredibly painful as time goes on, but the sooner you catch them the better your cat will feel!

The third and final benefit you might see from giving your cat paw massages is that the bond you two share will strengthen.

The more positive experiences you share with your pet, the more your pet will love you, and paw massages are just one of many ways to accomplish this.

What are other ways to show your cat affection?

If you are one of the people that has a cat that doesn’t like their paws touched (don’t worry, there are many), you are probably wondering what other ways you can show your cat affection.

Now that you know how paw massages can strengthen the bond between a cat and its owner, you want that too. But how are you supposed to achieve this without the paw massages?

Well, there are plenty of ways to show your cat affection that have nothing to do with their paws.

The most simple way to let your cat know that you love them is to let them snuggle up to you.

Cats are creatures that like to receive affection on their own terms, so let your cat come to you.

When your cat chooses to snuggle up to you, you can start petting it in places that you know it likes. eg. rubbing their tummy or behind their ears.

Another way you can show your cat affection is by grooming it. By brushing your cat, you are showing it that you care about it just like its mother did when it was a kitten.

And finally, you can give your cat treats, wet food, catnip, or other snacks to show it affection. Any positive experience your cat has with you is one step closer to strengthening the bond you share.

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