Cats Hate Blow Dryers. Here’s Why

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably tried to bathe your cat at least once. Even though these feline creatures feel like this is an unnecessary task, they can sometimes start to smell a little funky.

Because cats tend to protest getting cleaned, their owners tend to try and make the experience go as quickly as possible. This often leads to the use of a blow dryer to dry off their cats after bath time.

However, this can make the event even more traumatizing for the animal as many cats are scared of blow dryers. But why is this?

Cats hate hair dryers because they have sensitive ears and the noise produced by these devices can be very loud and irritating to their eardrums. Additionally, the fast hot air from blow dryers makes them feel overheated and uncomfortable since it causes their internal temperature to rise.

The Sound

Every species of animal has a certain decibel that their ears are capable of hearing. However, they are some animals without ears so this doesn’t affect them..

In case you didn’t know, a decibel is a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound.

Cat’s can hear sounds with a much larger range in decibels than a human can.

That being said, just like humans, there are some sounds and frequencies that can bother a cat’s sensitive ears.

It’s reasonable to assume that a cat may have an aversion to hair dryers and other similar appliances due to how the sound may affect its ears.

The Fast Air

Underneath a cat’s fur is skin just like any human’s and your cat’s fur is there to protect them from the elements while helping to regulate their body temperature.

However, when faced with harsh and fast air, your cat’s skin may start to become dry and irritated.

The fast air from a hairdryer can also dry out a cat’s eyes, and may even bother their ears if the air gets in them. 

The Heat

The heat that a blow dryer produces is also a reason why cats aren’t too fond of this common household appliance.

The high heat directed from a hairdryer can cause a cat’s internal temperature to rise, making the cat feel uncomfortable and want to getaway.

A normal hairdryer emits such high heat that a cat’s skin can get burned from the air, especially if the cat has an existing skin condition.

Anxiety and Stress

Cats aren’t a fan of the bathing process and as a feline species, they prefer feeling in control of their surroundings, and being bathed can make them feel powerless.

When cats feel trapped, they’re going to do their best to flee.

Any loud noise is going to make the cat even more stressed, which isn’t good for the animal’s mental health.

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What to do now?

Now that you know why cats hate blow dryers, you might have a few more questions.

Even though cats are afraid of blow dryers, is it okay to still use one for bath time?

If I can’t use a blow dryer for my cat, how do I get them dry quickly?

Let’s take a further look into this

Should you use a blow dryer to dry your cat?

You shouldn’t use a blow dryer to dry off your cat because the heat being emitted from this device could burn your cat’s skin and damage their fur causing it to become brittle and break off. 

Cats have plenty of reasons to fear hairdryers and being around one with no way to escape can cause a lot of stress.

Also, when cats are in fearful and stressful situations, they’ll try to get away.

Doing so may cause the cat to become aggressive towards the person attempting to use the blow dryer, potentially bringing harm to not only the individual but also the cat.

All in all, it’s safer to keep the hair dryers for humans.

How to dry a cat without a hair dryer?

One of the best ways to dry cats without a hairdryer is by simply allowing them to sit outside in the shade, either on the patio, porch, or under a tree. This will help remove excess moisture without damaging the skin or fur coat of the cat. 

Using a normal hairdryer is the most sought-after option by many pet owners when trying to dry their cats off quickly after bath time or even after being caught in the rain.

However, as already explained, it’s best to avoid using hair dryers on cats. So what can you do instead?

Another way to start drying off your cat is by towel drying them!

Grab a soft towel or two and start gently patting your cat’s fur, slowly rubbing the towel over your cat’s body to soak up the excess moisture.

If your cat will let you, try to brush through their fur while drying them off to prevent their fur from tangling.

One way to make drying time faster if you’re towel drying your cat is to use towels that have been warmed up!

Not only will this speed up the drying time, but it’ll prevent your cat from feeling too cold.

If you have a cat that’s rowdy and can get aggressive at times, it’s best to let them air dry.

However, there are some negatives to doing this such as your cat getting sick or getting your furniture wet.

If this is how your cat wants to dry off, try to at the very least use a warm towel to make sure that they aren’t soaking wet before you let them roam around the house.

You should also try to keep the house, or room, that the wet cat is going to be in at a warm temperature so that their body temperature doesn’t start to drop.

It’s also important to note that if you’ve just bathed your cat and you’re letting it air dry that you should keep the cat indoors.

If you let your cat outside while still wet it could increase the chances of your cat getting sick.

There’s also the possibility that your cat will get dirty again, causing you to give it another stressful bath.

If you have a cat that doesn’t mind being in a cat carrier or a crate, you could also try placing your wet cat in a crate near a fireplace or a space heater to help them dry off quickly while also keeping them warm.

Remember that if you do this you don’t want your cat too close to the heat!

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