What Animals Can Live with Betta Fish? 10 Examples

If you are an ardent aquarist like me, you will love to add a beautiful fish to your aquarium, and you must have betta fishes in your collection. 

When you add betta fishes, you will want to stand watching these fishes swim across the aquarium throughout the day!

But the challenge is in selecting suitable aquarium mates for your bettas. In this article, we will discuss ten animals that are suitable tank mates to live with your betta fish.

Animals that can live with betta fish:

  • Snails
  • Guppies
  • Neon Tetras
  • Dwarf Crayfish
  • Shrimp
  • African dwarf frogs
  • Platies
  • Corydoras
  • True Loaches
  • Clown plecos

Table of Contents

1. Snails

snail and betta fish 09042022

Snails can add a touch of difference to your fish tank and be excellent companions for your betta fishes.

By adding snails to your aquarium, you can help keep your fish tank clean.

Snails are known to eat the algae and other uneaten food in your fish tank.

Moreover, when you add snails to the tank, you help give it the appeal of a sea beach or a natural riverside setting.

Snails are docile creatures, and betta fishes can get along with them very well.

If betta fishes become curious about this new addition to the aquarium, you need not worry about the reaction of the snails.

The creature will retreat into its shell whenever it senses a threat.

2. Guppies

guppy fish 21082021

Guppies can prove to be excellent companions for betta fishes. But the only thing that you should keep in mind is that bettas can be semi-aggressive.

They can attack guppies if they feel that there is insufficient food. Therefore, the one way to ensure that guppies and bettas live harmoniously in an aquarium is to have sufficient food.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the breed of the betta.

Controlling the breeding capability of the bettas is also essential to ensure that the bettas do not overrun the guppies.

Hence, it would help if you chose to add Delta Betta Fish or Half Moon Betta Fish to your fish tank.

3. Neon tetras

neon tetras 09042022

Neon tetras and betta fishes can be excellent tank mates.

If you think betta fishes will attack neon tetras, you are mistaken. These fishes can survive quite well with bettas.

It would help if you remembered that the tank should be sufficiently big to house bettas and neon tetras.

When you purchase neon tetras, ensure that you buy a school of at least ten fish.

This way, the tetras will keep to themselves, and the bettas will not show much curiosity about the tetras.

Neon tetras can grow up to one and a half-inch long individually.

Therefore when you purchase a school of tetras, ensure that the tank is big enough to house the fish.

4. Dwarf crayfishes

dwarf crayfish 09042022

If you plan to keep a dwarf crayfish and your betta fishes together, ensure that the tank is large enough to hold both the creatures.

The dwarf crayfishes are pretty tiny and can only grow up to one and a half inches. However, they tend to burrow into the soil in the tank.

Therefore you need to ensure that the tank you choose is large enough to house the crayfish and the betta.

It should have enough soil for the crayfish to burrow into without arising the interest of the bettas in the tank.

Moreover, betta fishes can sometimes attack crayfishes. Therefore it is best to put the bettas in a large tank if you want to put dwarf crayfishes in the same tank.

5. Shrimps

shrimp 09042022

Shrimps and betta fishes can indeed live together in the same tank.

Like dwarf crayfishes, the only thing you should keep in mind when placing shrimps and betta fishes together is the temperament of your bettas.

Betta fishes can attack shrimps, especially if they feel that they are being crowded in the tank.

Therefore, putting the creatures together in a sufficiently big tank is essential. This will prevent the betta fishes from attacking the shrimps.

This will also give the shrimp sufficient space in the tank to hide.

As a result, your bettas will not be able to find the shrimps, and it will be fun to watch the bettas swim across the tank in search of the shrimps.

6. African dwarf frogs

african dwarf frog and betta fish 09042022

Betta fish and African dwarf frogs are known to be excellent tank mates. 

The African dwarf frogs have lungs and forelimbs, making it easier for the creature to flee from betta fishes if they feel threatened.

Usually, frogs avoid getting into any territorial problems with betta fishes. But if betta fishes attack frogs, they can get quite territorial.

Hence, you should first choose a sufficiently big tank to house both African dwarf frogs and betta fishes.

This will ensure that both creatures have sufficient territory to survive peacefully.

7. Platies

platy 09042022

Platies are also known to be good tank mates for betta fishes.

Platies are known to be reasonably solitary fishes, and compared to them; bettas are social creatures.

But despite the difference in nature, these two creatures can live together in a tank.

All you have to ensure is that the tank is sufficiently big to house both the creatures.

When kept in groups, Platy fishes have to ensure that the group consists of one male and two to three females.

This will ensure that the platies stay in their territories and do not encroach on the territories of the bettas.

Both platies and bettas are colorful fishes, and when you put these fishes together in your fish tank, it can make your aquarium quite colorful.

8. Corydoras

corydora 09042022

These fishes are found in slow-moving rivers, and they thrive well with bettas when placed in aquariums.

When you think of corydoras, the first thing that will come to your mind is their beautiful grey and white pattern.

These fishes contrast nicely with the bright-colored bettas, giving your aquarium a touch of color.

However, when it comes to thriving with your bettas, corydoras do not encroach on the territories of the bettas.

Corydoras can find food on the substrate of the aquarium and if you ensure sufficient food in the aquarium, the corydoras can survive well with the betta fishes.

9. Kuhli loaches

kuhli loach 09042022

Loaches are indeed aggressive fishes, and you should avoid putting them with the betta fishes.

But true loaches and kuhli loaches are excellent tank mates for the betta fishes.

If you have a sufficiently big aquarium that provides both fishes with enough space to swim, you can place true loaches with the betta fishes.

However, bettas and loaches can be territorial, and hence, you need to ensure that there is enough space in the tank for both fishes to mark their territories.

Another unique feature of loaches is that these fishes tend to stay on the aquarium’s substrate, searching for food.

This keeps them clear of the territory of the betta fishes and prevents any territorial fights.

10. Clown plecos

clown plecos 09042022

The clown pleco is a docile fish that gets along quite well with betta fishes.

However, these fishes tend to stay near the substrate of your aquarium and wouldn’t get into an altercation with the betta fishes.

Clown plecos are one of the easier fishes to take care of, and when you add them to your aquarium, you will find that they settle down quite quickly.

Moreover, the outer skin of the clown pleco is quite rough, and even if the betta fish tends to get aggressive, it does not hurt the pleco.

These fishes enjoy staying in large aquariums as they tend to grow quite big. Therefore, when you place clown plecos and betta fishes together, you must select a sizeable aquarium.

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