What Animals Can Live in a Terrarium? (7 Examples)

If you love building terrariums to keep animals inside, you need to know which animals can be kept here.

When I got into the habit of building terrariums, I learned that there are particular types of plants that you need to keep for amphibians and the ones you need to keep for insects.

Moreover, it would help if you also learned what animals could live in terrariums. For example, if you are planning to keep amphibians in a terrarium, you need to keep a water body in the terrarium.

In this article, we will discuss seven animals that can live in a terrarium.

Animals that can live in a terrarium:

  • Leopard geckos
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders
  • Praying mantis
  • Tortoises
  • Frogs
  • Snails

List of animals that can live in a terrarium:

1. Leopard geckos

leopard gecko in terrarium 08052022

Leopard geckos are one of the easy-going creatures to be kept and bred in a terrarium.

You will find that they settle pretty quickly once you introduce them to a terrarium.

When you build a terrarium for a leopard gecko, you need to make it similar to its natural habitat.

Leopard geckos are not very active reptiles, and hence, you can easily pot your pet on the driftwood or the branches of trees you put in the terrarium.

If you want to put one gecko in the terrarium, then ensure that its size is about twenty gallons and if you want to put two or three geckos in the terrarium, choose one of thirty to fifty-five-gallon size.

2. Scorpions

scorpion 09012022

Scorpions are one of the best creatures to be kept in a terrarium. When you keep a scorpion in a terrarium, you need to ensure that it is warm and well-lit.

The terrarium should be warm because scorpions live in tropical regions, especially the Asian forest scorpions.

Thus, making a terrarium for your scorpion should imitate the creature’s natural habitat.

Since scorpions hunt insects .. you can add small insects to the terrariums, providing the creature its natural habitat.

Some insects that you can add to the terrarium of scorpions are crickets, locusts, and grasshoppers.

As you will be adding plants to the terrarium, these insects too can survive easily in the terrarium.

3. Spiders

hairy spider 13032022

Spiders are the best creatures to keep in inexpensive plastic terrariums.

If you are learning how to build terrariums and experimenting with several creatures, you should start with spiders.

You can even build a terrarium for a spider with a discarded goldfish bowl.

You need to place some dirt at the bottom of the bowl to make it easier for you to stick dry twigs and sticks for the spider to build webs.

Additionally, you can even make a terrarium out of a plastic bowl as well.

Once you have built a terrarium, you need to get a spider and put it inside the terrarium.

Most house spiders are harmless, and they can survive quite nicely inside a terrarium.

Keeping the terrarium humid will provide the spider with the necessary moisture that the arachnid needs to weave its webs.

4. Praying mantis

praying mantis 07052022

Like a spider, building a terrarium for a praying mantis is also relatively easy.

If you do not want to add soil, you can add vermiculite, tissue paper, or even pieces of shredded wood to the bottom of the container to make it easy for you to add the twigs, branches, and even decorative flowers for the praying mantis to stay on.

When you add the praying mantis to the terrarium, ensure that you maintain the temperature and humidity of the terrarium at an optimum level for the mantis to survive.

When you plan to feed the mantis, you can add live insects like flies, caterpillars, and locusts to the terrarium but be careful about doing it only once every three or four days.

5. Tortoises

tortoise 22082021

If you plan to keep a tortoise in a terrarium, you must ensure that it is big enough to house the creature.

Tortoises need terrariums that are at least forty gallons in volume.

When you add your pet tortoise to the terrarium, ensure that it emulates the creature’s natural habitat.

Tortoises need at least twelve hours of daylight to survive.

However, it would be helpful if you don’t expose tortoises kept inside terrariums to direct sunlight.

Instead, build a lighting system in the terrarium to provide your tortoise with adequate light and heat.

You can use UVA/UVB bulbs to make it easier to emulate natural light.

This will also help keep one side of the terrarium at around ninety-five to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which will help keep the entire terrarium adequately warm.

6. Frogs

frog in terrarium 08052022

If you want to create a terrarium for your amphibian, you need to use glass when building it out.

As frogs live in wetlands, you will need to ensure that the terrarium has a water body making it easier for the creature to survive.

Frogs need a humid terrarium with lots of greenery.

It would help if you kept plants that can survive in high humidity without getting damaged by pests.

You must create an environment where both the frog and the plants can survive easily.

If you plan to keep more than one frog in the terrarium, you need to purchase a large terrarium where you can install humidifiers and rainmakers to make it easier for the creatures to survive.

7. Snails

snails in terrarium 08052022

If you plan to build a terrarium with multiple species of animals, you can choose snails to be one of the creatures to live in the terrarium.

Snails are scavengers, and they can easily survive on dead organic materials like rotting leaves.

If you plan to build a terrarium exclusively for snails, all you need is a glass bowl.

You will find that the snail will easily survive in the terrarium if you add a small amount of dirt and a few twigs, dried leaves, and small branches in it.

When you add snails to a terrarium with other animals, you need to consider two things: snails should not be prey for the primary creature in the terrarium.

The second thing you should remember is to keep the terrarium sufficiently humid for the snails.


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