Have Newborn Kittens? Here Are 19 Exciting Things Every Cat Owner Should Know [Part Two]

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

Kittens are some of the most popular pets, and they come with a lot of perks, they’re adorable, they’re soft, and they don’t take up a lot of space. But do you know what else makes kittens so great? They’re fun and extremely playful.

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Can You Leave Your Kitten Alone With Your Cat?

In the beginning, an older cat will hiss or growl so the best thing you can do to leave your kitten alone with an older cat is to allow them to roam together in the same room while you stay quiet and locked away in another room for 30 mins then watch how they interact with each other through a peephole, if you don’t hear any hissing or growling, gradually increase to 1 hour then 2 hours until you are satisfied leaving them alone without you there.

Adult cats generally take longer to become familiar with having new pets around as opposed to kittens who are very social and playful when they arrive in new homes.

This may go on for a few days to a couple of weeks, but it all depends on how friendly and social your felines are when new animals come around.

Will Cats Hate You if You Get a New Kitten?

Depending on your cat’s personality, it may or may not be happy about a new addition to the family.

Some cats are complete “cat people” and can bond with anyone that gives them attention, while others are more independent by nature and have distinct preferences.

Knowing your cat’s personality will help you set your expectations for how they will react to the addition of a new kitten.

Cats are very territorial, so introducing a new cat to your current feline family member can be tricky.

With patience, it’s possible to introduce a new kitten to your older cat. That said, it’s not always easy. It can take a lot of time and work, and it’s not a guarantee that your cat won’t resent the new addition.

In some cases, it can even make your cat more stressed out, but if you’re willing to put in some work and do it right, you can be sure that your new kitten will get along with your older cat.

Here’s how you can effortlessly introduce a kitten to your older cat.

Do Kittens Miss Their Siblings?

Kittens will miss their siblings especially when they’ve grown attached to them through grooming sessions as well as identifying them by scent, so when the familiar scent of their sibling is not noticeable, they’ll meow loudly for about 2 weeks after they are separated.

If your cat has other siblings in the home, it’s less traumatic and they won’t be too concerned but due to that connection they had through their scent, they’ll call out to their missing sibling when they’re alone in an area until someone comes and distracts them.

Kittens that have been adopted or separated will cry and meow loudly the first three nights for their sibling.

They’ll be stressed out and show signs of separation anxiety during this period since they’ll miss the closeness they had with their littermates.

How to Care for Kittens Without Mom or Siblings?

The best way to care for kittens without mom or siblings is to simply give them a lot of care and love while being more attentive to their needs. You could also provide mental stimulation through fun activities.

Why Are Older Cats Afraid of Kittens?

Older cats are afraid of kittens because they have a hard time adjusting to the new scent in the area. Cats that have been around for a long time can feel threatened by the new arrival while displaying other negative behaviors.

It could also be that older cats are afraid of the kittens because they need to be watchful of their mother since it could cause a lot of trouble if she catches them near her kittens.

Where Should Kittens Sleep at Night?

This seems like an easy question, but the answer depends on what kind of kittens you have, their age, health, and activity level. A kitten who is sick may need to sleep in a different place than its siblings. Luckily, there is one place where kittens can always get a good night’s rest and that’s a warm and comfy bed made just for them.

Can Kittens Sleep Alone at Night?

Kittens can sleep alone at night since they’re born with the instinct to sleep with their mothers and siblings, but as they get older they may want to sleep alone. This desire often develops as kittens learn to play and explore independently and become more comfortable being by themselves.

Given that they are still young and impressionable, you will need to provide them with a good example and encourage them to sleep in their beds. Otherwise, you may end up with a cat that sleeps all over your house, or one that likes to get up early and wake you up.

Should You Leave The Light On For Your Kitten at Night?

You shouldn’t leave the light on for your kitten at night because their eyes can be affected by the glare since their pupils dilate in complete darkness, and while that’s the natural reaction to the change in environment, it happens to a lesser extent with cats that are slightly night blind, however, a cat’s eyesight works well in the dim light surrounding.

To ensure that your cat doesn’t get lonely or scared in the dark, it would be best if you placed a few toys, squeaky balls, a scratching post, or a crunchy tunnel to keep your cat occupied.

How Long Should Kittens Sleep?

An average six-month-old kitten sleeps between 16-20 hours a day, whereas a newborn kitten will be sleeping around 20 to 23 hours a day, which only leaves an hour at best to nurse before they dose off again.

Should You Let Your Kitten Sleep With You?

You shouldn’t let your kittens sleep with you because you might accidentally turn or roll over while sleeping and they may end up being injured or suffocated.

Should You Ignore Your Kitten Crying at Night?

You should not ignore a kitten that’s crying during the night because it could be that the kitten may have gotten stuck in a spot where it cannot get out from or tangled among a few loose cables in the room. If your kitten was adopted, it could be a case where the kitten is either lonely, hungry or lost.

Can Cats Sleep in the Dark?

It may be hard to believe but cats are usually nocturnal animals that prefer sleeping in the dark. While some of them can adapt to total darkness, most of them only need a little bit of light to get some shuteye, but it’ll take them a few minutes longer to nod off when the light is dimmed.

Should You Leave The TV On For Your Cat?

If you’ve ever left the TV on for your cat, you’ve probably enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cat is well entertained, but, what’s the real scoop on whether or not you should leave the TV on for your cat?

You shouldn’t leave on the tv for your cats because they’re the type of creature that doesn’t understand human language and can’t detect colors in the way that humans do to be able to perceive what’s being displayed on the screen.

here’s how cats see the world.

Should You Leave the Radio on for Your Cat?

A radio will offer a better solution for your cat since a TV that’s used in this manner can consume unnecessary electricity which can really add up to your monthly bill.

If you would like to keep your cat entertained by using a radio, here is what you need to know, according to science direct, cats responded more to species-appropriate music than to human music because it’s on the same frequency range of natural communication that’s used by these animals.

The study highlights that species-appropriate music is more likely to benefit animals than human music.

Should You Let Kittens Roam The House?

You shouldn’t let your kittens roam the house because they need constant supervision since they aren’t quite familiar with the surroundings and may end up lost, hurt, or tangled up among loose cables.

Is it Normal for an Older Cat to Bite a Kitten?

When you see an older cat bite a kitten, you might think that the cat is attacking the younger one or punishing it for something it did wrong. In fact, hissing, growling, and biting are all part of a regular feline play routine, even when the games get rough, so when you see this behavior in a two-cat household, it’s normal for the more dominant cat to assert its position.

Should You Let Your Kitten Bite You?

Kittens are adorable but sometimes their playful nips can be a little painful, however, you should only let your kitten bite you when you are wearing a glove so that their tiny needle-like teeth don’t leave a mark on your hand.

At What Age Are Kittens Safe From Tomcats?

Cats of all ages are not safe from a tomcat attack, for instance, if your kitten was raised indoors during its lifetime, they are not safe from male cat attacks since they are very possessive towards their territory. If you want to ensure your pet’s safety, keep them indoors.

How Many Kittens Are Usually in a Second Litter?

An average of 5-7 kittens is born in a cat’s second litter.

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