Do Deer Eat Grasshoppers? Quick Answer!

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

Have you ever wondered whether deer eat grasshoppers? Well, they don’t actively seek them out to consume.

If your garden is infested with grasshoppers, you will want animals that are natural predators of these insects to make their way into your garden or backyard to reduce their number.

But these creatures can be pretty tricky pests to be rid of. I find that these insects are not afraid of larger animals like deer and rabbits.

When I asked my friend, a zoologist, whether deer can eat grasshoppers, she replied that being herbivores, the creature can eat a grasshopper only by accident.

Deer don’t eat grasshoppers, however, it’s possible that when the creature is grazing on grass or twigs, it accidentally eats the grasshopper at the same time. Since grasshoppers can camouflage quite well, it’ll be difficult for the deer to differentiate between the leaves of grass and insects.

Can deer avoid grasshoppers?

A deer is a herbivore; hence, it will not consume animal-based food, including insects. Therefore, you will hardly ever find a deer eating a grasshopper.

However, while eating leaves, grass, or twigs of plants, the creature can chew on a grasshopper mistakenly.

Hence, when it pulls the grass from the root and chews on the blades, if a grasshopper is attached to it, chances are there that the deer will eat the grasshopper as well.

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Are deer ruminants?

Deer are ruminants, meaning they have a complex stomach and digestive system.

If a deer eats a grasshopper, then chances will not get regurgitated. Instead, it will consume it along with its regular food.

Being a ruminant, a deer has four compartments in its stomach instead of a single compartment. Hence, the insect can get digested in the process.

When do deer eat grasshoppers?

According to the website,, deer are one of the causes of plant damage in gardens and orchards.

However, grasshoppers are also pests that can destroy your plants.

If you find deer coming to your garden but your plants are becoming strong and healthy, check if you have a grasshopper infestation.

Deer are known to avoid grazing areas that have excessive grasshoppers.

Can a deer fall ill if it eats grasshoppers?

As per the website, certain wasting diseases are often transmitted from insects.

For example, grasshoppers might seem harmless, but a deer can fall ill if it consumes too many of these insects.

According to my friend, if a deer consumes one or two grasshoppers, it is unlikely to fall ill. But if it consumes too much of the insect by mistake, it is likely to fall sick.

Can grasshoppers in your garden attract deer?

The answer to this question is negative. Grasshoppers are not food for deer.

However, if there is a significant amount of grass in your garden, you might find deer coming into your gardens.

Grasshoppers do not attract deer. Instead, you will find that grasshoppers can act as a deterrent.

How are deer that are bred in captivity prevented from consuming grasshoppers?

When deer are bred in captivity, their diet is controlled.

They are not allowed to graze outside the enclosure, and care is taken to ensure that the grass in the enclosure is free of insects and pesticides.

Special care is taken to ensure that the grass has no insect infestation so that the deer doesn’t inadvertently consume the grasshoppers.

Moreover, deer bred in captivity are given a regular diet of foliage, vegetables, and fruits like pineapples to prevent them from grazing in the open.

If the creatures are not hungry, they will not graze; hence, there is no chance of consuming grasshoppers.

Are grasshoppers removed from the food that is given to deer that are bred in captivity?

According to my friend, the food given to deer bred in captivity is always the best quality and free of pests and insects.

Hence, if any foliage is given to deer in zoos, these are checked to see whether there are grasshoppers or other insects.

If a deer inadvertently consumes foliage with insects, it can cause digestive distress to the deer.

What is the favorite food of deer?

Deer are herbivores, and hence, they love to eat plant-based food.

The favorite food of deer are grasses, sedges, leaves of plants, shoots or young plants, and even young twigs of woody plants.

Deer are also known to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, when deer are bred in captivity, they are given a complete diet of foliage, fruits, and vegetables to help them build a robust immune system.

Why should you never give any animal-based food to deer?

Deer are herbivores; hence, their digestive system is designed to only digest plant-based food.

Therefore, if you think that grasshoppers are suitable for deer as these are insects that survive on grasses, which is the primary food source for deer, then you are mistaken.

If you give animal-based food to a deer or even insects like grasshoppers to a deer in the hope of supplying protein, you will only end up making it ill.

Are grasshoppers suitable for plants?

A small number of grasshoppers is no cause for concern because these insects can add to the ecosystem of your garden.

But if there are too many grasshoppers in your garden, it can harm the plants.

These insects can eat the leaves of your plants, especially the young ones.

As a result, the plants in your garden can get damaged, and you will have to carry out an effective pest management procedure to kill the grasshoppers in your garden.

What are the common predators of grasshoppers?

There are several animals that eat grasshoppers which can help reduce their infestation in your garden.

For example, if you find the visits of blue jays and blackbirds have increased in your garden or backyard, you can be assured that more grasshoppers are attracting these birds.

Similarly, mammals like raccoons, rats, and mice are known to eat grasshoppers. Finally, among reptiles, lizards and snakes are also known predators of grasshoppers.

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