Hair Ties & Brushes: Here’s What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know.

Last updated on December 12th, 2021

why do cats like hair ties

Once upon a time, a cat owner was getting ready for an evening dinner, she placed her hair tie on the vanity, and when she came back into the room, her cat was already wearing it, as if she had just finished a Kate Middleton inspired bun. (The owner’s response was pure joy. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen). Cats are sneakier than the CIA, but why do they like hair ties?

Why Do Cats Like Hair Ties?

Cats like to play with hair ties because it’s an excellent outlet for their instinctual need to hunt and pounce on inanimate objects while helping to stimulate their mind and senses since it’s very similar to toys that they would’ve played with as kittens.

Cats don’t know that hair ties aren’t meant for them and that they can be very dangerous.

No matter what you do, they’re drawn to both the visual and tactile stimulation that hair ties provide.

When you think about it, hair ties do look like a bit of a round mouse.

Why Do Cats Put Hair Ties in Food Bowls?

Among the odd behaviors cats display from time to time, this one beats them all.

Cats will put hair ties in their food bowls to get your attention, and as silly as it sounds, they’re trying to signal to you that the hair tie that you’ve been looking for all the time was found by your kitty.

When they place lost objects in their food bowls, it’s sort of a nudge to tell you that they deserve a treat for helping you find this item.

Why Do Cats Like To Play With Hair?

Cats like to play with hair because of their familiarity with it when compared to stringy objects, the texture, and the way it moves. Also, your feline has gotten so acquainted with you that they find great joy being around your scent, and it could be that your hair carries a lot of it. 

Why Do Cats Rub Your Wet Hair?

Cats will rub against your wet hair, especially after you’ve showered because they either love the smell of your shampoo or because you’ve just washed off their scent.

Since they can be very territorial, they’ll need to rub against you once again to transfer the scent glands while marking you as their own.

Why Do Cats Sniff Your Hair?

Cats sniff your hair because it has the scent of another feline since you might’ve picked it up while you were going about your business during the day, so your cat is only concerned and will try their best to remove it by rubbing themselves onto you or licking the area.

Oftentimes, you’ll find that cats will rub their scents on you as a way to comfort themselves while becoming familiar with your presence.

Should You Let Your Cats Play With Hair Ties?

You shouldn’t let your cats play with hair ties because it can easily slip down their throats and become lodged in their stomach or even wind up being stuck in their intestines which will eventually lead to digestive problems and vomiting.

Hair Tie Alternative for Cats

The best hair tie alternative for cats are the ones that can be carried and smacked around, such as a rubber mouse, small stuffed toys, fabric mitts, or small plastic balls, since these are options that most cats would find amusing. 

You should ensure that any alternative toy being given to your pet to play with is big enough to not fit into their mouths but small enough to not cause damages when they start boxing it around the house.

If your cat seems to only prefer one type of toy (string or hair ties) that may be dangerous to their health, try placing these alternative toys around your clothing so that your scent can rub off onto it.

Why Do Cats Like Brushes?

Cats like brushes because the tiny bristles that make up the brush can be very soothing to their skin since it quickly and easily passes through their fur, especially when it’s being rubbed on their cheeks and forehead.

These areas have less hair and cats like the feeling of the bristles rubbing against them.

Why Do Cats Bite Brushes?

While cats are generally portrayed as sweet, cuddly pets, biting brushes are fairly common.

It’s estimated that one-third of all cats will bite a hairbrush at some point during their lives, but why do cats bite brushes?

Cats bite brushes because they’re feeling playful and overstimulated. However, it could seem like they’re exercising their jaw, but it could also be a sign of aggression or anxiety in cats.

Do Cats Like to be Brushed With a Toothbrush?

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your cat purring as you run your hand over their soft fur with a toothbrush.

What is it that cats seem to thoroughly enjoy when being scratched with a small toothbrush?

Cats like being brushed with toothbrushes because it’s small enough to scratch certain areas of their body like under their arms or chin, whereas a hairbrush that’s bigger will eventually hit a bone during this grooming session.

Why Do Cats Like Makeup Brushes?

Cats like makeup brushes because they think that it’s a mouse or playtoy that can be knocked off the counter and smack around. If your cat is not getting enough of your attention, they’ll look for objects that you commonly use and toy with them until you notice them.

Cats are so obsessed with makeup brushes that they’ll pull all out of the makeup kit and spread them on the floor while hitting a few left and right.

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