12 Villainous Animals That Eat Frogs! See Pictures!

Last updated on February 5th, 2022

Most humans have a palette that is unique to their food preferences. Just like humans, certain animals have a particular liking towards specific food items or other creatures, for that matter.

Frogs are often enjoyed by some sects of people all over the world and certain groups of animals as well.

We are well aware that snakes eat their fellow frogs in a bound ecosystem. But there are many more animals who like to grab a frog time and again.

Animals that eat frogs:

  • Owls
  • Hedgehogs
  • Otters
  • Armadillos
  • Possums
  • Snakes
  • Ducks
  • Alligators
  • Turtles
  • Loons
  • Skunks
  • Hawks

Here are 12 animals that eat frogs

1. Owls

frog and owl 21112021

Many of us regard the owl as a mysterious creature, especially since it is nocturnal and quiet. This is why many humans hardly ever get to see these birds at all.

A question that people have is what owls feed on. Since we know that owls are carnivores and birds of prey, they simply eat small mammals.

However, the truth is that different species of owls exist on different diets.

They mostly feed on small animals like skunks, rabbits, birds, moles, rats, mice, other small mammals, lizards, insects, and some amphibians.

But, of course, they will not let go of an opportunity to eat frogs as well. To them, frogs are an absolute delicacy.

However, they won’t like a regular diet of frogs either, simply put, it’s more of a “eat a frog” every now and then (or if desperate times call for desperate measures).

2. Hedgehogs

hedgehog eating frog 21112021

A hedgehog isn’t a picky eater. Hedgehogs enjoy a variety of foods and base their diet according to the prevailing season.

Primarily hedgehogs are classified as insectivores. While beetles and caterpillars make up the bulk of their regular diet, they are not repelled by some frogs as delicacies.

However, they do like a change in their diet every once in a while and you will be surprised to know that in some cases, we have seen that frogs even form a part of the natural diet of hedgehogs.

Of course, too much frog may not be recommended, but they are a welcome part of the diet in moderation.

3. Otters

otter eating frog 21112021

Since otters have an extremely high rate of metabolism, they need to eat quite frequently. Therefore, they eat a variety of things.

They are known to eat aquatic plants and small mammals like rabbits and muskrats. They also eat some reptiles like turtles but mostly the young ones.

However, the bulk of their diet is made up of various aquatic life forms, like, crayfish, crabs, and fish. They also eat bird eggs whenever possible.

So naturally, they would love to have frogs in their regular diet, especially since frogs are regarded as a good source of food and nutrients for otters. They even actively hunt for frogs at times.

4. Armadillos

armadillo 21112021

While insects and larvae make up the bulk of an armadillo’s diet, they are known to eat a variety of other things as well.

For example, there is ample evidence to prove that armadillos eat some fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, they love to eat berries and tender roots, as well as some leaf molds. In addition, they eat a lot of larvae and pupae in carrion.

A good portion of their diet includes invertebrates like arachnids, scorpions, earthworms, and more.

Although they do not eat much of vertebrates, they like the occasional snake, skink, lizards, and eggs.

5. Possums

opossum 18092021

Although possums aren’t picky when it comes to food, they are opportunistic eaters who will eat almost anything that they can get.

They love to eat birds and bird eggs, snails, worms, small mammals, insects, and various other smaller creatures.

Possums also eat dead animals and carrion. This is because they often get their requirement of calcium from skeletons of other animals.

We have ample evidence to suggest that possums also act like scavengers who eat any trash or waste that you leave outdoors.

However, whenever they find a frog, they will just never pass up on such a suitable delicacy. They love to eat small frogs and toads a lot.

6. Snakes

snake and frog 21112021

Snakes and frogs share an interconnectedness of ecosystems especially around swampy areas and it is evident in the fact that wherever the population of frogs declines, there is a marked decline in the population of snakes.

Snakes will even follow frogs into an exodus that the latter may effectively undertake. These reptiles will follow frogs wherever they go.

Although snakes eat a variety of things, they love to prey on frogs and their eggs.

This dependence of snakes on frogs is evident in parts of Central America, where a decline in the amphibian population has also caused an effective decline in snake populations, especially those known to thrive on frogs.

7. Ducks

duck eating frog 21112021

Since ducks adapt easily and are opportunistic feeders, they eat the vegetation available as well as insects and fish that are within their environment.

Ducks, especially those cormorants and loons, are avid eaters of frogs and sometimes even toads. 

But let’s not forget corn which is also a favorite snack that ducks love munching on and it’s worth noting that corn-fed ducks tend to be healthier, and the meat has a higher protein and fat content than other types of ducks.

8. Alligators

alligator eating frog 21112021

Alligators are predators, but opportunistic predators at that. So they feed on whatever they find the easiest to prey on.

The size and availability of the prey are the primary factors upon which they decide on. They mainly feed on turtles, birds, snakes, fish, mammals, and some smaller rodents.

However, we have seen that alligators simply love to feed on frogs and toads of various types and sizes.

Sometimes their potential dinner can be animals coming to the water for a drink, like even wild boars, deer, and more. Frogs and toads, newts, and salamanders are all-natural favorites of alligators.

9. Turtles

turtle and frog 21112021

Sometimes predators can even become preys themselves. So also is a frog. Although it is a predator, it is prey for turtles.

And turtles are also predators but fall prey to other animals like alligators. And the cycle of the food chain continues.

Although the younger turtle is carnivorous, it tends to shift its feeding focus onto plants which allows them to eventually develop a varied diet.

Since turtles are more omnivorous, whenever they get the opportunity, they do eat frogs.

And they do love the tasty frogs. Sometimes they disembowel these frogs and toads and swallow them down. Since turtles aren’t smart, they eat almost all toads and frogs, even the poisonous ones.

10. Loons

lake loon 21112021

Loons are like cormorants and ducks and eat a variety of things. They primarily feed on fish like bluegill, pumpkinseed, and perch, since they are easier for them to catch.

Whenever possible, loons will love a meal of lobsters, catfish, minnows, suckers, and even smelt.

Being opportunistic feeders, loons eat many other species as well, from crayfish to leeches, snails, crabs, shrimp, salamanders, other aquatic invertebrates, and even salmon and trout, whenever possible.

They love to eat frogs as well and will always wait for one to come their way. To them, frogs are a beautiful delicacy that they enjoy whenever they can.

11. Skunks

skunk 21112021

Being omnivorous, a skunk is also adaptable. Naturally, they have a whole list of things that they can eat.

Their favorite food sources are insects and small prey. However, they eat plants and vegetation only when their regular sources of food are scarce.

Additionally, they aren’t too picky about what they eat either since they have a tendency to scavenge for food.

They usually forage through plants and vegetation for their food. And they do eat small prey.

A major source of a skunk’s diet is insects of almost all kinds. The bulk of the skunk’s diet are shrews, snakes, insects, fish, small reptiles, ground-nesting birds, and eggs of all these creatures.

They simply love to eat newts, toads, and frogs. They love to eat bees as well, whenever they can though.

12. Hawks

hawk eating frog 21112021

Hawks are birds of prey that can swoop down at speeds of 120 miles per hour, catch their prey in their claws, and take off back to their nests to tear up their prey with their sharp talons and beak and eat them bit by bit.

They love to eat small mammals like shrews, mice, squirrels, and moles. They also eat a lot of bats, fish, ducks, smaller birds, grasshoppers, and even rabbits.

Snakes, lizards, newts, and toads are also preferred food sources. However, whenever they get the opportunity of eating a frog, they just never will let go of that chance.

They simply love frog meat and will feed their young ones with frog meat as well.


The animals that eat frogs are owls, hedgehogs, otters, armadillos, possums, snakes, ducks, alligators, turtles, loons, skunks, and hawks. However, animals like ducks, skunks, alligators, and hawks will only consume frogs when other food sources are scarce.

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