7 Interesting Animals That Don’t Attack Humans

Last updated on February 4th, 2022

It’s a mistaken notion that the larger the animal and the more menacing it looks, the more likely it’ll attack you.

I’ve often had to correct many people that several animals will not attack humans just because you happen to be there.

The first thing that people need to understand is that animals attack humans if they feel threatened or if their eggs or young are threatened.

Animals that don’t attack humans:

  • Stingray
  • Armadillos
  • Bears
  • Parrots
  • Alligators
  • Mountain Lions
  • Vultures

In this case, even the most docile creature will attack you! The primary reason for attacking humans is defense.

Human beings don’t fall under the regular diet of animals.

Some of the animals that don’t attack humans are as follows:

1. Stingray

stingray 22082021

A creature of the marine species that tend to stay away from human contact is the stingray.

A stingray is a cartilaginous fish that belongs to the shark family and is distinguished by its long tail.

The stingray is one of the least understood marine creatures, and people often fear it because of its barbed tail.

But stingrays are, in reality, highly docile creatures. If they see human beings in the vicinity, they’ll swim away.

Their first reaction would be to avoid any contact with humans. It’s common knowledge that stingray barbs contain venom, but this is for self-defense.

The stingray uses the venom to protect itself against larger animals. Undoubtedly, human beings are larger animals, but these marine creatures usually do not consider humans as threats.

Moreover, stingrays are nocturnal creatures, making it difficult for humans to come across them in the wild unless you’re actively searching for them.

Finally, if you accidentally step on a stingray, it can cause a minor injury, but never a lethal one. So unless the creature is provoked, it won’t attack a human.

2. Armadillos

armadillo 22082021

Armadillos are wild animals that are similar to anteaters and sloths. The animal has bony plates covering its body, and even though they look unusual, in reality, they’re very gentle creatures.

Armadillos aren’t aggressive or known for attacking humans. Instead, they’ll avoid all human contact and prefer to roll themselves up in a ball if they feel threatened.

The armadillo is often misunderstood because they’re excellent burrowers and are known for destroying crops and vegetation.

People often attack armadillos when they think that these creatures can destroy the vegetation or crops in the region, forcing the animal to defend itself and attack.

However, armadillos tend to carry several diseases that you might not be aware of. As a result, you might fall ill because you came in contact with an armadillo and not because the creature attacked you.

As the beast will not attack unless you provoke it. You should seek the support of professionals to have armadillos removed from your garden or your fields.

3. Bears

bear 22082021

You might be surprised, but bears avoid and rarely attack humans.

In most cases, bears don’t like loud sounds and bright lights. If they want to avoid human contact, they can change their habit from hunting or looking for food from dawn till evening and become nocturnal.

Bears usually follow a diurnal practice when they forage for food during the day, from morning to evening.

But if they feel that this is bringing them in contact with humans, they can completely change their behavior and become nocturnal creatures.

In such a scenario, they’ll start looking for food at night or when the chances of meeting humans are reduced.

Therefore, bears tend to avoid humans, and hence, there is a low chance of them attacking humans.

Bears only attack humans or behave aggressively if they feel threatened or need to protect their young ones.

Otherwise, even if they’re curious creatures, they’ll avoid human contact and even consider changing their behavior to make it simpler for themselves.

4. Parrots

parrots 22082021

Parrots are generally not aggressive birds. They are perfect pets and can be easily kept in cages.

If you think that a parrot’s beak is dangerous and the bird can use it to bite you; then you’re mistaken.

Parrots don’t bite or attack unless they’re provoked. Its curved beak helps the bird to hold its food and eat.

If you have a pet parrot that you’ve been feeding since it was a baby, you would know that hands can easily feed parrots.

They’ll gently peck the food from your hand, and you wouldn’t feel a thing. The only time a parrot would feel the need to attack is if it’s frightening and needs to defend itself.

Moreover, it’s rare to hear that a parrot has successfully attacked or bitten off the finger of a person.

Hence, you can safely say that parrots don’t attack humans.

5. Alligators

alligator 22082021

Alligators are large reptiles found throughout North America. These creatures belong to the Alligatoridae order and are characterized by having sharp teeth, claws, and powerful tails.

If you see a picture of an alligator laying in the sun, you might feel that the creature’s size and protruding teeth make it an alpha hunter.

Being an alpha hunter, it must attack humans. But in reality, alligators are less dangerous than crocodiles, and they hunt smaller animals.

Given the size of the alligator, it can hunt bigger animals, but this will depend on the type of alligator you’re thinking about.

For example, adult male alligators found in Florida can weigh up to ninety-one kilograms. Despite their massive size and abode near human habitats, these creatures tend to avoid human contact.

Alligators are known to hunt bigger animals if they’re larger. But humans don’t account for bigger creatures.

They don’t consider humans as suitable prey, and instead, they view humans as threats that are to be avoided.

Therefore, if they come across humans, they’re quick to retreat and avoid any form of association with human beings.

Given that these creatures tend to avoid any human contact, the chances that they’ll provoke an unprecedented attack on humans are unusual.

Unless you start the animal or irritate it, an alligator will not attack. Like most animals, alligators attack only when provoked or when it feels threatened.

6. Mountain lions

mountain lion 22082021

Mountain lions belong to the cat family, and it’s of the same species as cougars and panthers. If you’ve been wondering whether this wild animal will attack humans, you’re mistaken.

Mountain lions are excellent hunters, and they tend to hunt animals like deer.

These are shy creatures, and if you want to photograph a mountain lion, you’ll have to learn to track its pugmarks.

Mountain lions tend to avoid human contact, and even if you go camping in an area where they’re dwelling, there are minimum chances that you’ll see one.

Since mountain lions are nocturnal creatures, the chances of spotting one during the day are very low.

Moreover, even if you come across one, it’ll leave without disturbing you. If you think that it’ll attack you, all you need to do is look sternly into the animal’s eyes and wave your arms slowly.

If you can establish your superiority, the animal will leave without disturbing you further.

You must remember not to become docile in front of a mountain lion as that can increase the curiosity of the animal. 

7. Vultures

vultures 22082021

Vultures are scavenger birds that look ominous and are usually found around dead animals. But despite the dreary appearance of the bird, it’s not inclined to attack humans.

You might feel that the hooked beak and the bird’s sharp claws can easily hurt you, but these are incredibly docile birds.

They avoid any form of human contact and tend to stay in their natural habitat.

You won’t find a vulture straying far from its environments, such as sea beaches, forests, and other similar places where there wouldn’t be a shortage of carcasses.

It’s common knowledge that vultures can kill sick or dying animals, but the birds usually wait for the creatures to die before picking on the carcass.

If you see a group of vultures feeding on a carcass and you think the birds can attack you, experts will tell you that vultures don’t guard their food, unlike most creatures.

When they see humans in the vicinity, they leave and wait. When the humans are at a safe distance, the vultures will come back and continue scavenging.

Vultures are quite gentle birds, and they’re known to be shy when it comes to human contact.

Therefore, you can be assured that vultures don’t attack humans.

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