9 Fascinating Animals That Are Patient! See Pictures

My friend has a German shepherd who is a highly active dog. Every time I would visit her home, her pet would jump all over me and lick me until I pushed her away.

The gestures of her pet would undoubtedly make me feel quite welcome at my friend’s place. But when she bought a cat, I observed a difference in the behavior of the feline creature.

The cat would not be bothered to move from its place when people would visit! Instead, the dog would jump with joy, and the cat would quietly observe everything.

This gave me an idea that certain animals are active whereas some are quiet or patient. 

Animals that are patient:

  • Lions
  • Eagles
  • Cats
  • Owls
  • Sloths
  • Ducks
  • Penguins
  • Turtles
  • Pigeons

List of animals that are patient:

1. Lions

lion sitting in nature 12022022

Lions undoubtedly are apex predators but are also quite patient creatures. They can lie on the grassland’s rocky growth or the savannas for hours.

Lions are often called patient hunters because of their ability to lie in wait for their prey quietly.

Unlike other predators of the African savannah, like the wild dog or the hyenas, they will not track or hunt down prey by chasing it for a long time; instead, they will lie in wait and catch the prey unaware.

In addition, the heavy build of the lion allows it to build high acceleration capable of bringing down larger prey like buffaloes and zebras.

2. Eagles

eagle sitting on branch 12022022

Eagles are unique birds because they never lose track of their prey even though they can fly high. They can do it because they are incredibly patient birds.

You will often find eagles perched on the branch or a tree or outgrowth, keeping an eye on the surroundings.

When an eagle quietly looks at the surroundings, it is, in reality, looking for suitable prey. It might turn its head around, but the rest of its body will be still.

Eagles can stay in this position patiently and quietly for a long time. Then, when it identifies a suitable prey, it will soar high, still keeping an eye on the prey and then hunt it.

Eagles are the perfect example of patience in the avian world.

3. Cats

cat sitting on wooden table 12022022

Cats are one of the most patient creatures, and according to Healthline, studies show that they can help humans overcome depression, anxiety and even teach them patience.

Cats belong to the feline family, and patience comes naturally because big cats are also ‘ambush predators. Big cats have to be patient to bring down their prey.

Although domestic cats do not need to hunt, they have retained the characteristic of being patient. You will find that cats do not react well to anger and irritation.

As you need to be patient with these gentle and patient creatures, you too can inculcate these qualities in yourself.

4. Owls

owl sitting on rock 12022022

Owls are carnivores, and they can be pretty aggressive hunters. But that does not mean they are not patient birds.

Like the eagle, owls can also lie patiently in wait for their prey. You will usually find an owl quietly perched on the branch of a tree or on a ledge keeping a sharp lookout for prey.

Being a nocturnal hunter, an owl will never venture out of its nest or its perch during the day.

However, the patience of the owl is rewarded when it observes the movement of suitable prey.

You can then see the majestic bird spread its wings and swoop down to catch the prey in its powerful talons. Till then, it will patiently wait in its perch.

5. Sloths

sloth waving 12022022

Sloths are known for their slow movement, but they are also quite patient creatures. Sloths are known for their patience primarily because they are excellent mothers.

They are known to carry their babies on their chest for an entire year. If a sloth baby falls off, the mother will climb down the tree and rescue the baby from the forest’s canopy.

Sloth mothers are hardly known to abandon their babies and raise them carefully.

Sloths are patient in all of their activities, be it eating, climbing trees, or grooming themselves.

In a way, they are not slow; they are just patient and thorough about their activities.

6. Penguins

penguins 12022022

Penguins are known for their patience primarily because of their courtship behavior, mating techniques, and the hatchling’s behavior.

Penguins usually mate for life, and they do so in an interesting manner. However, unlike most animals, the male and female penguin will court one another quietly and patiently.

Moreover, when the female penguin lays the egg, both the male and female will take turns to hatch the egg. This, too, is unlike the common practice of the animal kingdom.

You will also find that the father penguin guards the egg between his legs carefully and patiently till the egg is ready to hatch.

After the hatchlings are born they are raised by the father and mother penguins with patience and care.

7. Ducks

duck sitting 12022022

Research shows that ducks are unique birds as these avian creatures can be both aggressive and patient.

When ducks are threatened, they can be pretty aggressive to protect themselves.

But when these birds are left alone and are undisturbed, they are pretty patient and friendly creatures.

Domesticated ducks can prove to be quite patient and do not aggressively bite the persons taking care of them.

Poultry farmers often mention that ducks and chickens are pretty different as ducks are pretty patient and can be fed by hand sometimes.

Chickens can sometimes cluck and attack you, but ducks will patiently wait for you to distribute the food.

8. Turtles

box turtle 12022022

Turtles symbolize patience, endurance, and wisdom.

You must have heard that turtles live for many years, and when you look at a turtle somehow, you feel calm and quiet.

The slow movement of turtles also gives a sense of patience. Moreover, turtles are also not known to be aggressive by nature. Unless turtles are attacked, they do not behave aggressively.

One of the most significant examples of the patience of turtles is that they are often victims of water pollution.

If you have ever seen a video of turtles being saved from water pollution, you will find that these creatures wait patiently as the pieces of wire or plastic are slowly cut away from their flippers or their throat.

Even though it causes them significant discomfort, they wait patiently until the entire process is over and then are released into the sea or ocean.

9. Pigeons

pigeons 12022022

Pigeons are gentle and quiet birds, and they make for good pets.

They are pretty patient, and they will wait quietly for the command of their master. In the past, they could be trained to carry messages. You must have heard of carrier pigeons.

This could be done only because the birds were still quite patient. This unique quality of the pigeons made these birds suitable to be trained to carry messages.

Moreover, pigeons can also be trained to fly in particular directions and participate in pigeon races.

The pigeon was a favorite bird amongst the kings and queens of the orient, given that this creature is gentle, docile, and patient.

Unlike other birds, the pigeon can be petted, and it will patiently sit in the hand of its master.

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